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Les Copains®, Official Online Store

Les Copains was born in the 1950s from an idea of Mario Bandiera, born in Bologna. Bandiera began his activity by exporting knitwear in Germany, which was produced in a small laboratory organized in his hometown. The turning point arrived when he started to frequent Paris, the center of art and culture in the 1960s. In this context, he perceives and interprets the desire and need of expression of freedom of the French youth, and launches the "minipull", signed Les Copains.
The name originally comes from the French radio show "Salut les copains", main promoter and speaker of the musical genre Yé-Yé. Les Copains defines a group of young people who share the same passion for art and for new concepts. It is to them that Les Copains intends to address. Since then, Les Copains' collections revolutionize the concept of knitwear: elegant, trendy, sporty and casual. Beside the Mini-pull, in the '60s, Les Copains launched another iconic piece: the "knitwear micro vest". Furthermore, another important piece was the "Flag Jacket", a wool jacket with the iconic logo on its sleeve, alongside with the ‘80s striped sweatshirts.
Today, Les Copains captures the heritage of a timeless and glamorous attitude, expressing itself through a total look, able to combine the French spirit, an essential attribute since its inception, with informal elegance, in a continuing dialogue between the elements of masculine tailoring, the culture and the know-how of knitwear, the feminine fluidity and the informal iconic garments, which embrace the contemporary woman in all her aspects of her life.