About us

It all began in Paris during the 1960’s. The French capital was the leader of the European cultural and economic renaissance, the land of inspiration and passion. The stars of the new revolution of style get together at Café des Anglais, the Palladium and in the local Montmartre spots. “Salut les Copains” is a radio program dedicated to the artists of Boulevard Saint Michel that anticipated the fashion and lifestyles of the times. The brand name is dedicated to that unique, unrepeatable atmosphere.
Knitwear takes the stage and is put in the spot light. It no longer has a simply traditional and functional role, but it assumes a noble, more fascinating aspect. The production is now infl uenced by the ideas of the Prét-à-Porter designers. Les Copains blends the colours of art with the most innovative technologies, it creates atypical practices and turns them into novelties. The Knitwear revolution is completed. Global knitwear takes its first steps and Les Copains sets sail to conquer the world.

The Les Copains brand is appreciated worldwide and its personality is unparalleled. Various cooperations with important designers (Chloè, Albini, Versace, Mugler...) give the brand an importance that stands the test of time. The Bologna atelier mixes attitude with creativity, the experience of knitters and the skills of tailors, providing a 360° vision on the world of fashion. The designers’ creations begin showing on the Milan catwalks, soon becoming one of the stars of the Made in Italy fashion scene.
Knitwear in cashmere will always remain Les Copains first love, even as the brand has evolved through the years. Les Copains maintains its high standard of quality by investing in research, superior production techniques, innovation and technological development. Attention to creativity, details and refined materials, as well as the ability to respond to consumer needs, quickly and effi ciently, are all distinctive characteristics of the brand.

Our world

Les copains sets high standard of excellence in all its activities. As a result, has become an important player in the global fashion sector, known for its heritage (the company was founded in the early ‘60), for its high quality products as well as its service, performance and global business integrity. The company has its head quarter in Bologna and has is own subsidiaries in Milan and New York. Les copains is distributed through more than 1000 selected points of sale worldwide.

Les copains has strong partnerships with the most exclusive department stores worldwide including Saks fifth Avenue, Harrods, Takashimaya, Isetan among others. The company has embarked on a retail development strategy, an important step for the future growth of the business. The company currently has hits own mono-brand shops in Rome, Milan, Florence and Moscow.

Brand DNA

The Les Copains and Blue les copains collections embodies the core values that are also the driving force of their strategic developments.
Excellence: from extreme attention to detail in product development to the careful selection process of commercial partners.
Research: the on-going challenge to achieve higher and more ambitious objectives.
Innovation: continuing improvment without sacrifing tradition.
Elegance: a strategic element of any wardrobe. We celebrate a woman’s femininity and her sense of style respecting her freedom of intepretation.

Exclusivity: a luxury product for a sophisticated and highly demanding clientele.
Uniqueness: the ability to speak a different language. Heritage as an asset and strenght, not a liability.

The production process is executed under constant controll and close supervision, anabling Les Copains and Blue les copains to deliver real quality to the final consumer . The hand made approce is evident in each garment’s unique details .This is combined with an optimal production process subject to very strict quality standards. The end results is the sartorial elegance that our clientele has come to know and appreciate.

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